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Get a consultation from MARCELLOMEDIUM - Aztec Astrology and Mayan Astrology in Tremblay-en-France - no waiting. 20-25 years of practice and skills in Mayan Astrology. இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—— SUPER 2,49 reg(5,99) MARCELLO, Italian Clairvoyant/Psychic Qualified Healer and Medium Combining the arts of Tarots,Numerology and Astrology For a caring,honest,accurate guidance. Spy in his/her Intentions 360 degrees 365 days for 2015 . IS HE into YOU? Read him/Her Like a BOOK! Soulmate Rescue! Sacred Geometry Timeframes. And remember I CAN BRING BACK YOUR LOVE!! (based on members’ testimonials) ☆☆☆☆☆MY PREDICTS COME TRUE ☆☆☆☆☆ I dont ask you to come in pvt for do a reading with me because is a step start from YOU. A psychic readiing is based upon what my spiritual gift allow me to see such as persons aura,their past life events their present situations and future development that relate to a person love life,family,friends,carrier,travel,investment ect. My psychic ability can reveal to me all that is taking place in your life at this time and in the future regarding every matter of your life.I understand each person has their own challenges and unique situations and need answers to many questions. Psychic reading will answers all questions. There is not specific duration of time that each reading will take. My recommendation is to allow me to open a psychic reading for you to determine what is upon coming for you in the near future and to give a bit of advice on how to face any challenges and how to reach your goals and attract positive energy in your future. Psychic reading will also guide me on type of love spells that would be best for your situation. I specialize in Reunting Lost Loves/Broken Relationship and Uniting people to True Love,love spells are cast to restore broken relationship and to attract true love. Are you Heart Broken? Have you Lost the One that you love the most? Do you feel like others are blocking you from having peace in your life? Do you want to rekindle you relationship with your mate?. Are you looking to be reunited with your ex? Do you want your partner to commit to you? Are poeple trying to stop you from being with your tue love? Do you want to stop a Divorce? If your reltionship appear to be suffering from misunderstandings or communication issues or if someone has come in between you and your partner and you want a solution to restore the connection or to be reunited then a reuniting love Spell package would be best. Love Spell are created with spiritual tools such as candles(made with my hands and energy),crystals,incense,herbs,oils and meditations ritual are performed to create the love spell for you. Casting Love Spell is a spiritual method that I use to unite soul mate,find new love and reunite lovers that are separeted and who truly want to be united again to their ex husband/wife. If I see that your case is non repairable I will not accept your case,love spells will not work for everyone, results may vary. ✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼ Are you having difficulties meeting a compatible partner? Do you want to find your soul mate or True Love? I would recommend a love attraction spell to help drow i compatible solutions that will help eliminate a broken heart. Specialized in reuniting Love spells,love binding spells,love attraction spells&uniting love spell. The Love Spells that I can cast can accomodate each person situations Most Love Spell can also be customized for more difficut cases ✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼ …..@)>--'--,.Have you a Dream that continue all night? Probably can be something of important that can be meaning in positive or not! Is important to know . what does it means ask me if you want understand what your mind thinking when you sleep You don't Dream that can be a different but important signal too. ask me about that I can help you! ✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼ …..@)>--'--,You think that you have some special gift or energy inside you? I can teach you to get out and use it in better for help yourself and the other people, like a Guru I introduce you in your gift for use it in the correct way. ✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼ ☆ JOB and CARRIER&BUSINESS/INVESTMENT ☆ LOVE and SEX ☆ FAMILY/HOME ☆ FRIENDS ☆ MONEY and LUCK ☆ MARRIAGE/DIVORCE Also I complete my predict and vision with my cards in which a really bilieve,tarots say always the true! ☆ EGYPTIAN TAROT ☆ THE CHRISTIAN PRAYER DECK ☆ ASTROLOGICAL ORACLE ☆ DRUID CRAFT TAROT ☆ SIBILLE ☆ MESSAGE FROM YOUR ANGELS ☆ HAZEL TAROT ✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼✼ ☆☆☆ Looking forward to our private reading here in ☆☆☆ ❤ ❤ ❤ With harmony ❤ ❤ ❤ Marcello

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